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 New Monogatari Series

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PostSubject: New Monogatari Series   Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:30 am

I am super excited that SHAFT has announced the next installment of the monogatari series, Nekomonogatari. It will be airing next season (starting in January).

Nekomonogatari is the last book in the light novel's "first season". The "second season" of books will be adapted into another 26 episode anime series after Nekomonogatari is finished.

The first book of the "third season" is being released this week.

And there is still no word yet on when Kizumonogatari (the prequel movie which explains how Araragi became vampire-ish) will come out. And to think it was originally scheduled for January 2012...

Here's the preview for Kizemonogatari:

Never mind... I guess new users can't post links or videos for seven days...
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New Monogatari Series
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